Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Winning Your Battles"

Thinking isn't easy--it isn't even possible, when you're being beat.  It's happened to me, and it's happened to everyone.  Bruce Lee once said, "To be honest, I don't think there's anyone in the world who can beat me."  Do you think he was undefeated his whole life?

Now, as a man who has trained to fight professionally in M.M.A (mixed martial arts), this is something I can really sink my teeth into... 

I'll give you a hint: The answer is not, "Yes, Bruce Lee was never a little kid who other boys twice his age could have beaten."  I got my head covered with knots, when I was about four, by a boy who was only 2-3 years older than me, and he didn't do it just once... 

I always say, "I tossed and turned all night, because I couldn't find a spot that didn't have a knot on it to sleep."  If that makes you cringe...  Relax: I've seen guys get beaten way worse...  --It was a sad state of affairs, and I'm sorry I was a boy, then, and couldn't do anything about it. 

And, yes, when you are 'beat', saying you are 'beaten', may sound like it isn't the same thing?--But, beaten is just the past-tense, of that word.  It's a step, and you actually can get beaten WHEN YOU MAKE THE TRANSITION IN TERMINOLOGY, from saying "beat," to saying "beaten!"  Obviously, that is hard to believe.  For one thing, people often question it...  Another thing is, look how slight it is!  Also, it's a mental decision!  How does this occur?! 

We could all figure this problem/question out, but what is happening?  We are being attacked... We will be beaten, for those of us who cannot think of the answer.  Of course, congratulations to the ones who did figure the answer!  --They won their fight. 

I claim we are being attacked when we have a problem/question that we can not think of the answer to.  The triviality of that claim, is in, "What way are we being attacked?"  You guys have to win your battles!  The answer/solution to that question, is that we are being distracted.

"Whaaa!!!  How can you fight distractions?!  They could be an asteroid, or something!"  Yes, they could.  For an asteroid, I will grant you a waiver on that fight.  Better luck next time.  My advice: an asteroid falling toward you is a good conversation-piece; why don't you just change the subject to that, and then return to working on your problem?

For a distraction to effect us... It has to be good.  There is "making excuses," and there is rationality.  Past that point, if a person is making excuses, then you pick who you hang around; and if you enjoy them, they're certainly honest.  So, my point is, if I experience a person who claims to merely not be able to understand?  --I won't understand them; I believe it's a lie. 

To round up my point, being distracted, is to be beat, in a fight of all things.  The solution, my good friends, leads me exactly to my point:  How do we win our battles?

... The counter to an attack, is to fight!

If you believe that, then I hope you enjoy being undefeated--never beat again, for the rest of your life.  If you don't believe it, then you should try to understand; and your difficulty in doing so, in my opinion, is of course stemming from an attack against you.  So, try out the theory.  Let me know how it goes!

Monday, February 13, 2012

"The Soles of Our Feet"

There has always been a debate, over, "the smallest measurement of matter," --how big the smallest particle was.  That's why I refer to it as, "the smallest measurement," and not an atom, molecule, electron, or whatnot.  I'm skipping the debate, and just admitting that it is 'debatable.' 

However small that particle is, though, it's where the soles of our feet begin, on our journeys, to outer space, or to the supermarket.  So, we'd better master that position.  They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and however you botch that first step, your entire journey, after that, will also be botched.  You know what that means: We don't want to botch it!  Adults tend to know this.  Perhaps not in so many words: but nobody wants to leave the house without their wallet, then have to go all the way back and get it.  It gets tiresome, and you think, "I'm going to go crazy if I do that again!"  So, you learn not to do it.  Isn't that a wearisome way of learning though?  --Having to go through all those emotions, and get into that state, a delirium of sorts? 

I've had quite a few delirious stages in my life, where I wondered what was going on, and if I would make it past.  Most everybody has at least one stage like that in their lives.  That is why I'm writing this blog, and wrote my two, and a half-or-so, books.  I wrote a fiction book first, that was sort of an anology, because I put it in fiction, of what I'm writing here.  It was very shoddy (I never thought I would even write a book), and although it had some of what I consider, wonderful, tears-in-the-eyes, moments within it, I knew better than to expect it to be published, although I did submit it.  It made me a lot better of a writer, though.  Then, I wrote two non-fiction books, called The Other Side, and The Secret World of Reality.  Both of them were about the same thing--my philosophy, just like this blog.  What they lacked is tact, or timing, for the "release of information."  If I had spilled it right then, the wrong audience would have read it, and I didn't want to tell them what I would tell my good readers--whom I think of you as.  (If you can understand that.)  Anyway, I needed to get my thoughts into concrete format, so I wrote a couple of books (and, a half-or-so).

The reason I write, though, is not for me, although it is very rewarding.  I don't think it's the writing that is what's rewarding.  What is rewarding, is whom I'm writing for: the reader.  In my opinion, that's the only reason to do it.  I wish it was why everybody wrote, but that is unfortunately not true; and I imagine everybody, or nearly everybody, is aware of that.  Everyone in the world with access to writing, would probably be a consistent reader if such were the case. 

What is the reason for life--the reason for living?  Some people say if you're not up to a certain status, of succeeding at making yourself happy, you're not really living.  I think there's a lot of truth to that.  What are these people doing, though, that makes them say they're living, and those they criticize in this way aren't?  They're experiencing what there is to enjoy, to experience.  What they're doing is exploring life, the world, creation--the Universe! 

Once you catch on to the way you desire to live, there aren't those times when you sit and think about what you're doing wrong.  If you're sitting and thinking, unhappily, it's because somebody has cheated you out of what you wanted to do, and you're learning.  You're experiencing a new kind of challenge...  And, trust us (the people who love their lives), we will not be toppled by that challenge.  What will happen, is that it will work out to our favor, and we, and nobody, could be happier with the result, and richer for the experience.

--The soles of our feet.  We should be happy with, and on them.  Living, is succeeding, down the line of your life.  It starts with one footstep...  See, I don't mean the soles of our feet, literally; it's a metaphor.  I mean where we are--the present.  That means our presentation; it means, 'whom we are.'  If we're not happy with that, there's no point in attempting to make ourselves happy with some adjustment, outside of an adjustment with ourselves: whom we are, what our presentations are, to the world, and to ourselves (whom many people refer to as, "number 1"). 

The beginning of each person's Universe, is themselves.  If we are going to succeed to one single next step, to the next point, we have to make ourselves into people who can.  It doesn't mean making yourself into the greatest person there is.  It means making yourself into someone who is, as they say a ship is, "sea worthy," we have to be 'worthy.'  And, in the end, that ultimately means someone who is worthy to travel through eternity without shipwreck.  If you don't make a good enough plan to stay out of shipwreck, you very well may have one, unless you get lucky, and you don't want to be stuck out in the ocean of eternity having that occurrence.  You don't get to the other shore with a wrecked vessel. 

If you're going to make it, you feel good, like a good ship would if it were a being, and not an inanimate object.  We have to do scans of ourselves, and make sure we don't have any unhealthy traits.  That is one of the funnest things to do--take care of yourself.  It amounts to making yourself feel good, well.  That takes virtue, morality.  'Morality,' is a synonym of, 'health,' and nothing could be more true. 

Come on, people, we're going across the Universe.  Let's get ourselves ready!